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The Rose Ensemble’s educational offerings include lecture demonstrations, coaching workshops, master classes, and residencies to address the needs of participants at all levels – professionals and amateurs, soloists and ensemble performers, conductors and music teachers. The Rose Ensemble’s unique approach focuses on each participant’s learning experience, fostering individual development, and growth in skill and knowledge. For bigger groups, our master classes tackle broader subjects such as medieval history and larger choir singing techniques. For smaller groups, our coaching workshops address specialized topics such as Gregorian chant, music research, and ensemble singing.

For more information about programs, rates, and availability, contact us online or by calling 651-225-4340.

Master Classes

The Rose Ensemble’s master classes explore the true joys of singing and demonstrate ways to enhance your performance. By focusing on the process of rehearsing and performing as well as the context, participants learn about the nature of the music from a more human perspective and the elements that contribute to singing it well.

Master Classes can be tailored to include

  • Demonstrations by The Rose Ensemble
  • Ensemble-to-ensemble coaching
  • Exercises with overtones and matching vowels
  • Appreciating the historical context of the music


The Rose Ensemble collaborates with faculty to reach student audiences with culturally rich, interactive arts experiences, and provides additional instruction to enhance music curriculum in tandem with course learning objectives. Guided by members of The Rose Ensemble, students will increase and sharpen their skills in vocal production, rhythm, intonation, balance, diction, pronunciation, ensemble sensitivity, and projection of text. Singers will also learn vocal style, performance practice, and an array of ensemble-singing techniques that enhance the interpretation of any repertoire – all taught in a nurturing, supportive way. Activities include master classes, ensemble singing workshops, rehearsals, additional educational outreach performances in the community, and a culminating concert performance. The Rose Ensemble will collaborate with faculty to define project expectations and outcomes, determine appropriate guides and materials to use in tandem with the themes being studied, and to implement an effective process of evaluation during and after the residency experience.

Overall goals of residency programs:

  • Targeted, in-depth access to music instruction giving students the opportunity to work with professional teaching artists
  • Increased appreciation for and understanding of the choral traditions and instruments of different world cultures
  • Enhanced cross-cultural understanding through discussion of music, language, and art from socially and culturally diverse, multi-faith societies






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