The Rose Ensemble

The Road to Compostela

Chant and polyphony from the 12th-century manuscript Codex Calixtinus along with new music written specially for The Rose Ensemble by Minnesota composers Victor Zupanc and J. David Moore. Truly some of the most virtuosic medieval vocal music ever written and some of the most beautiful music we’ve commissioned.

Price: $17.00
#Track NameWritten ByListen
1.Beata viscera Perotin (ca. 1160-1220) 
2.Jacobus et JohannesCodex Calixtinus (12th century Spanish) 
3.Vocavit JhesusCodex Calixtinus 
4.Gratulantes celebremusCodex Calixtinus

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5.Laudent DeumVictor Zupanc (b.1959) 
6.Congaudeant CatholiciCodex Calixtinus 
7.Jocundetur et leteturCodex Calixtinus 
8.Gratulemur et letemurVictor Zupanc 
9.Vox nostra resonetCodex Calixtinus

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10.Dum Pater familiasVictor Zupanc 
11.Gratulantes celebremusVictor Zupanc 
12.O lux et decus hyspanieCodex Calixtinus 
13.Annua gaudiaCodex Calixtinus 
14.Ad superni regis decusCodex Calixtinus 
15.Jacobum Dei famulemVictor Zupanc 
16.Audi pontusCodex Las Huelgas (13th-14th century Spanish) 
17.O adiutorCodex Calixtinus

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18.Annua gaudiaJ. David Moore (b.1962)

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19.Rex immense, Pater pieCodex Calixtinus 
20.Exultet celi curiaCodex Calixtinus 


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