The Rose Ensemble

Seasons of Angels: Harmony of the Spheres

Demonstrating the ensemble’s ability to sing as individual soloists as well as a splendidly blended choir, this disc features beautiful spiritual songs of Hildegard von Bingen, motets from Renaissance Spain by Francisco Guerrero, and various Gregorian chants for the feast of the Assumption and the Holy Mass of the Angels.

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1.Maria MagdeleneFrancisco Guerrero (1528-1599)

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2.Introitus: Signum magnumplainchant, mode VII 
3.Ave Virgo SanctissimaFrancisco Guerrero 
4.AlleluyaAnon. (English, 15th c.) 
5.Antiphon: O Gloriosissimi luxHildegard von Bingen (1098 - 1179) 
6.Veni Creator SpiritusGilles Binchois (c. 1400-1460) 
7.Introitus: Gaudeamus omnesplainchant, mode I 
8.Offertorium: Benedicte Dominumplainchant, mode I 
9.Communio: Angeli, Archangeliplainchant, mode II 
10.Duo SeraphimFrancisco Guerrero 
11.Herr, wenn ich nur dich habeSamuel Scheidt (1587 - 1654) 
12.Stabat juxta Christi crucemCodex las Huelgas (Spanish, 13th-14th c.) 
13.Responsory: O Nobilissima viriditasHildegard von Bingen 
14.Salve, salve, virgo piaAnon. Italian Laude (13th c.) 
15.Laude novellaAnon. Italian Laude (13th c.) 
16.Salve Salus MundiJohann Joseph Fux (1660 - 1741) 
17.Laudate DominumFrancisco Guerrero