The Rose Ensemble

Slavic Holiday: Legends from Ancient Bohemia and Poland

A rich Eastern European repertoire featuring music from medieval and Renaissance Poland and Bohemia, including motets from the Prague manuscript Codex Specialnik, and several lovely spiritual songs extolling the virtues of various Slavic saints and heroes.

Price: $17.00
#Track NameWritten ByListen
1.O Beate StanislaeAnon. 13th c. (?) Polish

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2.Beata es virgoMikolaj Zielenski, B. ca 1611 (Polish)

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3.Nobis est natus hodieAnon. from Codex Specialnik (Prague, 15th c.) 
4.In natali DominiAnon. from Codex Specialnik (Prague, 15th c.) 
5.Beatus AdalbertusAnon. 13th c. (?) Polish 
6.Per merita sancti AdalbertiAnon. 13th c. (?) Polish 
7.Alme presul et beateAnon. 14th c. Czech

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8.Poslan jest od Boha andelAnon. 16th c. Czech 
9.MagnificatJan Sixt z Lerchenfelsu,d. 1629 (Polish)

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10.Dies est LaetitiaeAnon. 14th c. Czech 
11.Stala se jest vec divnaAnon. 15th c. Czech 
12.De Nativitate DominoAnon. 15th c. Czech 
13.Hospodine, Pomiluj NyAnon. 11th c. Czech (attr. to Saint Vojtech) 
14.Pisen o Koncilu KostnickemAnon., ca. 1415 
15.Primo TemporeAnon. 14th c. Czech 
16.Svaty VaclaveAnon. 12th c. Czech 
17.Dulce MelosDomaslaus, ca. 13th c. (Czech) 
18.Salve pater optimeAnon. 15th c. Czech 
19.Decet huius conctis horisJan z Jenstejna, written ca. 1350-1400 (Czech) 





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