Land of Three Faiths: Voices of Ancient Mediterranean Jews, Christians, and Muslims

Three Faiths in performance

Zafer Tawil

David Burk discusses the 'oud

Artistic Director Jordan Sramek plays the hurdy gurdy

The result of years of intensive research and training, “Land of Three Faiths” is at once sacred, secular, folk, and classical, embarking on a fascinating exploration of language, spirituality, and cultural exchange. Featuring instruments and musical ideas that blur the lines between Arabic and European, this entertaining and enlightening program is steeped in the rich history of the Abrahamic faiths, achieving a perfect balance of edgy improvisation, exotic vocal styles, and ancient traditions.

Highlighting the Hispano-Arabic Middle Ages as both an important and devastating chapter of Judaic, Christian, and Islamic history, laments of the Sephardic Jews mingle with Arab-Andalusian dances and Spanish court songs, while rhythmic cantigas, Hebrew cantillation, and Gregorian chant meet the mystical world of Sufi poetry.

This program often features special guest, Zafer Tawil, Palestinian singer and multi-instrumentalist.

“This program wasn’t a performance. It was more like a resurrection. The Rose Ensemble breathes life into stark, ancient manuscripts . . . restores them as new creations.”
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Sample Program

Technical information: Works best in venues with live but not overly reverberant acoustics. Smaller halls allow audience members to see the fascinating array of instruments but this performance also works beautifully in spaces that seat several hundred. Some choose to use ambient amplification with this program, but it is not essential. Introductions of various pieces and instruments as well as commentary from the stage is available.

Equipment needed: 4 chairs, 4 music stands, microphone (for narration)

For more information about booking The Rose Ensemble, please contact General Manager Peter Carlson.


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