Gothic Grandeur (Candlelight Concert)

Wells Cathedral, England

Voices from the Great Cathedrals of Europe

February 2012

in association with the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles


Escape to a time when artists were heroes and the decorative masterpieces they created embodied the pride and ambition of a city’s inhabitants; a time when church-building architecture was as ornate and elaborate as the very music it housed, and composers were paid better than politicians. Join us for an illuminating concert of chant and polyphony by candlelight, performed in some of our own local architectural wonders!

Produced in conjunction with the Getty Museum’s “Gothic Grandeur” manuscript exhibition, this concert of ethereal vocal music (ca. 1200-1600) originates from English, Irish, French, Franco-Flemish, and Spanish archives. The musical repertoire is representative of both Gothic music and the music performed in some of the great cathedrals of Europe including the Cathedrals of Seville, Santiago de Compostela, Notre Dame, and Antwerp. Of note is the fact that the music from the Antwerp Cathedral only recently became available to the public through published work by St. Olaf College professor Gerald Hoekstra. This special performance also features the premiere of a commissioned work composed by Rose Ensemble member Linda Kachelmeier, inspired by Adam Naming the Animals, a manuscript illumination from the Northumberland Bestiary.

Interpretive projections will be on display before and after the concert, as well as during intermission (at Twin Cities metro venues only).


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Thu Feb. 16, 2012
$25, ($10 at-door special for students)
Sacred Heart Music Center
201 West 4th Street
Duluth, MN 
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Fri Feb. 17, 2012
$37, $27, $15
Saint Bartholomew Catholic Church
630 Wayzata Blvd East
Wayzata, MN 

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7:00pm Pre-Concert Presentation
Sat Feb. 18, 2012
$37, $27, $15
The Basilica of Saint Mary
88 North 17th Street
Minneapolis, MN 

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7:00pm Pre-Concert Presentation
Sun Feb. 19, 2012
$37, $27
St. Mary's Chapel of The St. Paul Seminary*
2260 Summit Avenue
St. Paul, MN 

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4:00pm Pre-Concert Presentation

*The Saint Paul Seminary allows guests of The Rose Ensemble to park in any the parking lots in the immediate vicinity of St. Mary's Chapel.





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